Increase Blood Flow

An independent study showed increased blood flow in horses after using the Accuhorsemat.

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Acupressure Tools

to help athletes recover and perform

We help athletes of all abilities take care of their body and recover. From horses and their riders to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Acuswede provides convenient acupressure tools that anyone can use to stay loose and mobile. Learn more about Acuswede.

Acupressure for Horses

Accuhorsemat: the Acupressure Blanket for Horses

Acupressure Blanket for HorsesAccuhorsemat is an innovative acupressure blanket designed for horses and an effective treatment method for relaxation and pain relief. This easy-to-use acupressure tool allows every owner, trainer or rider to help their horse’s muscles become more supple and to recover more quickly. At the same time it helps your horse to comfortably and naturally relax.

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Acupressure Mat

Acuswedemat: the Swedish Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat for PeopleDeveloped and designed in Sweden, Acuswedemat is now available in North America. It takes acupressure to a new level by making it accessible any time you need it—at home or anywhere your day takes you. Acuswedemat has an ergonomic design and a large surface that can be used in various positions for relaxation, pain relief, and as part of your routine to improve performance.

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Find us this summer at competitions & events around the country for demos & discounts on Accuhorsemat and Acuswedemat!

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acupressure can relieve pain


Acupressure helps reduce pain throughout your body. If you have chronic back or neck painor even a headacheacupressure can help!

recover faster with acupressure tools


Acupressure increases bloodflow and activates your body’s natural healing response so you can kick your recovery routine into high gear.

acupressure tools help with sleep


Want to hack your sleep? Acupressure can help you sleep better or go back to sleep during restless nights.