Acupressure Mat for Horses

Happiness Is a Healthy Horse

Use acupressure to help your horse relax, recover and perform

Acupressure Mat for PeopleAccuhorsemat is an innovative acupressure blanket designed for horses. The foundation for this blanket comes from the ancient Acupressure treatment method for relaxation and pain relief, and from our desire to improve a horse’s well-being.

Acupressure mats were initially created for humans. Accuhorsemat was designed to bring this proven and effective treatment to your horses. With this blanket, every owner, trainer or rider can help their horse’s muscles to become more supple and to recover more quickly. At the same time it helps your horse to comfortably and naturally relax.

acupressure benefits for horsesPromotes Recovery:

Increases blood flow and releases endorphins to promote healing.

Reduces Tension:

Promotes myofascial release to restore mobility.



  • medium (14-16 hands)
  • large (16+ hands)


  • regular (original material)
  • NEW mesh (lighter fabric for warmer climates)


  • blanket
  • hindquarters mat
  • 2 shoulder mats
  • carrying case


Hall of Fame Trainer, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner recommends the Accuhorsemat.

free fly spray with accuhorsemat

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“For horses to perform to their potential it is essential that the horses’ health and well-being in top shape. With the Accuhorsemat the horses blood circulation increases and the musculature becomes fully relaxed. The horses really enjoy the Accuhorsemat.”

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Designed and Developed in Sweden