About Us

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Acuswede is a leader in delivering athlete-focused fitness accessories to our customers, both human and horses!

Acuswede products help people and equine athletes maintain flexibility, strength, and pain relief by honoring their bodies with and minds with intense muscle recovery tools. As the official distributor of Swedish-designed acupressure mats, we harness a Swedish design and a holistic approach to ultimate health and athleticism.

The result is a blue-ribbon standard in acupressure mats. For humans, for horses, and for health.

Acuswede is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of the Accuhorsemat and Acuswedemat products.  If you have questions about our products or our company, please contact us at blanketmaster@acuswede.com.

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Boulder, CO 80308

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