Wellington, FL (February 6, 2017) – Susan Dutta and Dimacci DC took charge of the competition during their recent FEI Prix St. Georges test at the 2017 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida, scoring an impressive 70.526 percent. Dutta and her 10-year-old chestnut gelding Dimacci DC, a 16.2-hand Oldenburg by Dimaggio and out of Karubina (by Rubenstein), also garnered the Accuhorsemat Accuracy Award for their precise ride.

As an official sponsor of the 2017 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Acuswede, the North American distributor of the innovative equine acupressure blanket Accuhorsemat, is pleased to recognize riders and horses that complete accurate tests throughout the winter dressage show season. Colleen Elliott and Thomas Willetto, co-founders of Acuswede, traveled from their home base in Boulder, Colorado to present Dutta and Dimacci DC with the Accuhorsemat Accuracy Award ribbon, an Acuswedemat acupressure therapy mat for people, and an Accuhorsemat sports pack. In addition to those prizes, Dutta also earned a complimentary Accuhorsemat therapy session for Dimacci.
A dressage rider with over two decades of experience in the saddle and a Pan American Games Team Gold medal under her belt, Dutta splits her time between training in Germany and stateside in Wellington, Florida. The opportunity to learn about Accuhorsemat first-hand at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival came as a welcome surprise to Dutta. Accuhorsemat is an all-natural, proven way to help performance horses recover and relax.
Dutta, who has trained with some of the world’s top dressage masters, was honored to be rewarded by Acuswede for her accurate riding. “Dimacci is a young horse for me, doing his first Prix St. Georges this year. He did a few in Germany and now we are here in Florida to hopefully get him ready to show the international Small Tour. He is one of my hopefuls to be a really good Grand Prix horse in the future. ‘Macci’ is a worker, and I feel like with him there is no ceiling. It’s just a matter of putting the basics on him and putting the training on him; getting him comfortable and strong in his own body. He really has everything,” she said.

After Dimacci returned to the barn, Elliott and Willetto demonstrated how to properly introduce the Accuhorsemat therapy blanket to horses and how to use it. Dimacci thoroughly enjoyed relaxing with the Accuhorsemat therapy session after his successful performance in the show ring. Dimacci’s groom and therapy “master,” Carly Muma, was so impressed with the effectiveness of Dimacci’s therapy session that she went ahead and tested the Accuhorsemat on all of her horses at the barn.

“Dimacci tries his heart out in the ring for Susie, you could set off a firecracker and he would rarely flinch if he was working,” said Muma. “But out of the ring, he is so sensitive about anything touching his body, like body-clipping and such. So I was really shocked to see when he relaxed right into the Accuhorsemat therapy and started chewing and falling asleep. These horses work so hard. I don’t want them to be stressed, and I want them to enjoy all their therapies and relax as much as possible so they bring good tension to the ring, not bad tension,” Muma said.

“I was really surprised when I tried the Accuhorsemat blanket on my Grand Prix horse, because he is wound as tight as they come. And my little eight-year-old Prix St Georges horse literally fell asleep and was drooling,” recounted Muma, who plans to go and purchase an Accuhorsemat for regular use as soon as possible.

Originally developed in Sweden, Accuhorsemats and Acuswedemats are quickly spreading in popularity throughout North America. Accuhorsemat is an equine acupressure blanket that reduces tension and soreness in horses, improving mobility, performance, and overall health. The Accuhorsemat significantly increases blood flow, and with regular use actively assists in removing tension in connective tissue. This improves flexibility and strength, and helps prevent chances of injury. The Accuhorsemat can be used before riding to improve warm-up, after riding to enhance muscle recovery, and in between massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture treatments to maintain mobility.

Both Accuhorsemat and Acuswedemat combine classic acupressure and Swedish innovation into a portable mat that applies pressure to multiple points in the body. Using these products regularly increases circulation and accelerates muscle recovery and healing, as well as activates the body’s natural endorphins to create an overall feeling of well-being.

Acuswede is proud to support equestrian competition through its sponsorship of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Accuhorsemats and Acuswedemats are now conveniently available at The Tackeria, located directly across the street from the show grounds. The Accuhorsemat Accuracy Award will be presented throughout the winter dressage show series, which concludes on March 25, to riders who demonstrate consistent, accurate riding. To learn more about Acuswede and the equine and human acupressure products the company provides, please visit www.acuswede.com.

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Photo 1: Susan Dutta and Dimacci DC win the Accuhorsemat Accuracy Award. Pictured from left to right are Thomas Willetto, Carly Muma, Dimaacci DC, Susan Dutta and Colleen Elliott at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. (Photo courtesy of JRPR, no photo credit necessary)