Wellington, FL (April 18, 2016) Accuhorsemat, the innovative acupressure blanket designed specifically for horses, has recently made its way to the United States. Colleen Elliott, co-founder of the product’s North American distributer, Acuswede, joined Dr. Wendy Ying and Glenn the Geek on the Driving Radio Show podcast to speak about the Accuhorsemat, its origins, and its benefits for horses.

The carriage driving online broadcast Driving Radio Show, which is part of the Horse Radio Network, played host to Elliott during the segment of the show that is dedicated to updates on equine wellness and in this case, on traditional chinese medicine. Acuswede’s products — for both humans and equines — are based on ancient acupressure practices. The product was created in Sweden and has now made its way to the U.S. market because of its success at relieving pain and relaxing muscles.

Elliott explained that the Accuhorsemat was developed in response to the needs of performance horses, since they experience challenges with stiffness and recovery after showing or training. Similar acupressure mats for people had been proven to help relieve muscle tension and pain, and as a great relaxation aide for people.

“The founders came up with the idea of, ‘How could we take this human product and create something that brings these benefits to horses?’” she said. “And that’s what they did.”

The Accuhorsemat’s precisely targeted acupressure points increase blood flow to horses’ muscles, allowing them to relax and recover faster after training sessions. Before riding, the Accuhorsemat can be used to calm and relax a horse as it soothes muscles and promotes endorphin release, while warming up muscles to help prevent injury.

“It increases blood flow throughout the whole body of the horse, which has all of the great benefits that come with that— more oxygen going to the muscles, and toxins moving through the body,” she said. “It actually releases endorphins, so it helps with pain relief and your horse relaxes mentally and physically.”

The key to the Accuhorsemat is 11,000 perfectly positioned “spike rosettes” on three separate mats that can be placed on the horse’s body. When Glenn the Geek asked how that feels to the horses, Elliot explained, “People get worried that their horse is not going to like the mat and not feel comfortable with it, but within a few minutes you see your horse just relax,” she said. “Head drops, they start to lick, they start to chew, maybe cock their hind leg. They just relax.”

Elliott explained that she really understood the benefits of the acupressure mats after laying on one herself. “The first couple of minutes, it’s pretty intense,” she said. “You can really feel the simulation happening, but within two to three minutes, it all starts to feel better. I can feel the tension releasing down my spine and I just start to relax. I often fall asleep on it.”

The Accuhorsemat is great to use in between other therapy sessions, like massage or acupuncture, to keep equine athletes comfortable and consistently pain free. In addition to the benefits for horses, the Accuhorsemat is incredibly user-friendly for horse owners. The removable mats are made of a wetsuit-like material, so users can simply hose them off and hang them to dry.

Acuswede’s innovative acupressure products allow horses to relax and recover so they can perform at their optimal level. The Accuhorsemat can be used to maintain an equine athlete, help them recover, and help prevent possible future injury by allowing proper muscle warm-up. For more information about Acuswede and its equine and human products, visit www.acuswede.com.

Accuhorsemat is also a proud sponsor of the 2016 Equestrian Sport Productions Spring Series and the title sponsor for week three’s $10,000 Open Welcome Stake on Thursday, April 20 during the Palm Beach International Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. After leaving Wellington, you can catch up with Accuhorsemat at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event from April 28- May 1 in Lexington, Kentucky.