Wellington, FL (March 25, 2016) For equine enthusiasts who want to improve their horse’s wellbeing, the new Accuhorsemat offers a simple and innovative solution. Accuhorsemat is a non-invasive acupressure horse blanket, designed to promote healthy circulation and recovery through increased blood flow, toxin release, and muscle relaxation.

Based on ancient acupressure practices, the Accuhorsemat stimulates acupressure points across the body of the horse to help relax muscles and relieve pain. The specifically targeted acupressure points increase blood flow to the horse’s muscles, allowing them to relax and recover faster after training sessions. Additionally, the Accuhorsemat can be used before riding to calm and relax a horse as it soothes muscles and promotes endorphin release.

Riders, trainers, and veterinarians are touting Accuhorsemat’s positive effect on their horses. Most recently, Accuhorsemat has been endorsed by renowned show jumper Todd Minikus, top dressage competitor and trainer Jessica Jo (JJ) Tate, and rodeo star Leanna Billie. “We have had such a great result from this blanket,” explains JJ Tate. “The results have been amazing and the horses are much more relaxed in their work and their muscles feel much softer and more supple.”

Todd Minikus, who was a believer in the powers of traditional acupuncture therapy before trying the new Accuhorsemat, remarked, “We spend a lot of time with my Grand Prix horses doing therapy before and after they compete, and this new product has a great way of hitting the acupressure points when we can’t get our acupuncture therapist to travel with us. It does really increase the blood flow throughout the shoulder and hindquarters and really helps their muscles relax.”

The Accuhorsemat’s 11,000 “spike rosettes” are perfectly positioned over the horse’s shoulders, back, and hindquarters. Sensitive areas along the spine are avoided, while the hindquarters — the area most responsive to acupressure  — receives the most coverage. Horses’ sensitive skin and nervous systems allow for noticeable results with an Accuhorsemat session in as little as 15-30 minutes.

The Accuhorsemat was developed by a Swedish-based company and brought to the United States and Canada by Acuswede. As the North American distributer of Accuhorsemat, Acuswede is excited to introduce the Accuhorsemat to the equine marketplace in the Americas. Acuswede is committed to improving athlete fitness and recovery, and has expanded its market to the U.S. with headquarters based in Boulder, Colorado to deliver fitness-centered products.

Adjustable, insertable acupressure pads allow for a customizable experience for each horse. Accuhorsemat retails for $495 and includes all of the necessary parts and instructions to begin use immediately. “One of the most exciting things about the equine Accuhorsemat is how simple it is to use,” explains equine acupuncture veterinarian Deborah Marshall DVM. “I can recommend it to my clients to use between their treatments and I have complete confidence they will be able to use it safely and effectively.”

Acuswede’s innovative acupressure products allow horses to relax and recover so they can perform at their optimal level. The Accuhorsemat can be used to maintain an equine athlete, help them recover, and help prevent possible future injury by allowing proper muscle warm-up. For more information about Acuswede and its equine and human products, visit www.acuswede.com.


Photo: Acuswede representative Colleen Elliot and Thomas Willetto with Grand Prix dressage rider JJ Tate at Yellow Bird Farm in Wellington, Florida (photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary).

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