Acupressure Reduces Pain, Tension, and Soreness in Horses

The Accuhorsemat makes acupressure therapy accessible to any horse owner, but how exactly does it work? Acupressure triggers healing action in your horse’s body – releasing endorphins to provide a natural pain relief and calmness, increasing blood flow to carry more oxygen to the muscles and help the body heal, reducing fascial tensions to restore mobility and reduce strain.

An All-Natural Equine Therapy

Acupressure is an ancient treatment method, and the Accuhorsemat® brings this proven and effective therapy to horses in a tool that any horse owner can access. The Accuhorsemat is a system of acupressure mats covered with 11,000 “spike rosettes” perfectly positioned over the horse’s shoulders and hindquarters to treat the whole body. A blanket holds the mats in place and provides an even pressure, and when 11,000 points activate a horse’s body, a noticeable effect is achieved in a short time. Results are achieved in just a 15-20 minute treatment!  No batteries, no electricity required! 

Before Acupressure

Infrared images show how the horse looked before we applied the Accuhorsemat.

Thermography Study: Before & After

After Acupressure

After an acupressure treatment with the Accuhorsemat, the infrared images show a dramatic increase in blood flow throughout the horse's body. See the full thermography study

The best part about equine acupressure: Your horse will feel better and perform better – and you’ll feel better too! After all, happiness is a healthy horse!

Increase Circulation

Increasing blood flow is also an ancient method to promote healing.   Circulation is critical to a horse’s recovery process.  It brings nutrient rich oxygen to help muscles recover, removes toxins and wastes, reduces inflamation, and improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

Our independent thermography study demonstrates that an acupressure treatment with the Accuhorsemat significantly increases blood flow in as little as 15 minutes.  You can see that the increased circulation happens across the horse’s whole body, not just where the mats are placed!

Myofacial Release

Fascia is the connective tissue web that runs throughout your horse’s entire body, surrounding and infusing every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, organ, blood vessel and nerve in the body (just like a human body!).  Rigorous physical training programs can put stress and strain on the fascia system, causing it to be bound down and restricted.  These fascial restrictions tighten over time, and the resulting tension can cause many problems like lack of flexibility, sore muscles, back pain, lead change problems, balance issues, poor collection, behavior issues, and tendon and ligament injury.

Using an acupressure blanket on a regular basis works to relax the restrictions in the fascia system.  The Accuhorsemat will restore the natural glide of the fascia to facilitate smooth movement, prevent injury, and improve recovery after exercise.


Accuhorsemat Features

1. Shoulder acupressure mats

The Accuhorsemat blanket includes a large velcro patch on the inside, in the shoulder area.  The velcro area is deliberately larger than the shoulder mats so you can adjust the mats to where it works best for your horse, depending on how the blanket fits, and your horse’s needs.

2. Hindquarter acupressure mat

The hinddquarters mat is the the largest of the three acupressure mats, with the majority of the Accuhorsemat’s 11,000 pressure points found on this mat.  It has no points along the middle (spine area), and covers the hindquarters on both sides of the horse.

3. Adjustable pressure and fit with the blanket

The adjustable front closure straps on the blanket make it possible to regulate the pressure on the shoulder acupressure points – pull the straps tighter to place more pressure on the mats.   These straps also help insure the best fit of the blanket for your horse. The surcingles can be tightened as needed to keep the hindquarters mat firmly in place.

The acupressure mats for the hindquarters and shoulders are affixed to the blanket with velcro on the underside of the blanket.  The mats and blanket can be separated easily for adjustments and cleaning.

For more, visit our page on HOW TO USE ACCUHORSEMAT for a video demonstration.