How to Use Your Accuhorsemat

All horses are unique and can react differently to acupressure. Even if you’ve used horse acupressure before, it’s important to take a slow and careful approach the first time you use the Accuhorsemat. Apply one mat at a time and monitor your horse’s reaction as you go, adding each piece once your horse is comfortable. Watch the video below to see how to get started including how to apply the mats, add the blanket, and remove the Accuhorsemat after treatment.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Always monitor your horse during use.
  • Start with the hindquarters’ acupressure mat first—without the blanket. This allows the horse to get used to the acupressure rosettes.
  • Once your horse becomes familiar with the sensation, add the blanket and then the shoulder mats. Gradually increase the duration of use as your horse gets comfortable.
  • Your horse may take a few treatments to completely relax with the sensation; however, many horses relax and find release with the very first horse acupressure treatment.
  • Once your horse is used to the Accuhorsemat, leave it on for a minimum of 15 minutes.

When to Use Horse Acupressure

The best time to use the Accuhorsemat depends on you, your horse and your routines.

  • Before Riding: Acupressure has a relaxing effect on muscles and can calm a tense horse. Using the Accuhorsemat before riding can help your horse feel loose and warmed up from the very beginning of the riding session.
  • After Riding: Using the Accuhorsemat after training or a competition can help your horse recover more quickly.
  • Before Therapy: Try the Accuhorsemat for a short period before treatment by an equine therapist, such as a massage therapist—this can help the therapist reach the deep muscles more quickly.

How to Care for Your Accuhorsemat

The blanket is made out of beaver nylon and the straps are made out of synthetic/cotton blend.

  • Can be machine washed at a low temperature (104 F/ 40 C).
  • Hang to air dry – do not tumble dry.

The acupressure pads are made out of environmentally friendly TPE and are water resistant.

  • Simply spray or rinse the mats as needed.
  • Hang to air dry.