What People Say about the Accuhorsemat

From hall-of-fame trainers to competitive riders, the Accuhorsemat has become a favorite recovery tool for our customers because of its benefits before and after training sessions. It’s also easily portable, and requires no batteries or electricty!

Todd Minikus

International Show Jumper

JJ Tate

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

Jack Van Berg

Hall of Fame Trainer

“Using the Accuhorsemat allows horses to become more supple and warmed up, and I noticed that the horses suffer less from muscle soreness and tensions after cross-country tests. The Accuhorsemat is a very important tool and plays a big part in our competing success.”
Peter Thomsen

German National Team & 2016 Olympic Rider

“The Accuhorsemat relaxes my horses’ backs, hips & shoulders, helping them stay loose & limber! I love this product & find it very affordable & super helpful to my horses’ successful performances!
JJ Tate

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

“The Accuhorsemat keeps my horses from getting sore and prevents injury while performing. Since I started using the Accuhorsemat, my horses have worked better than ever and are at the top of their game.
Leanna Billie

Indian National Finals Rodeo Competitor

Vet Recommends Accuhorsemat

Eventing Competitor & Trainer Chelsea Kolman describes why her vet recommended the Accuhorsemat and how it helped her horse with his SI pain.

Most Wanted Thoroughbred

Most Wanted Thoroughbred Trainer Lindsey Partridge talks about the difference the Accuhorsemat made for her horses, and how she uses it as part of her natural horsemanship approach.


Founder and CEO of Accuhorsemat, Max Hoffman, shares the story behind Acuswedemat, how it helps and when to use an acupressure mat.