Do Acupressure Mats Work?

and other FAQs about acupressure mats

Acupressure has been around for century’s as a therapeutic treatment, but do acupressure mats actually work? Of course they do! Find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about acupressure and Acuswedemat.

Do acupressure mats work?

Absolutely! Acupressure works to relieve pain, accelerate muscle recovery and improve sleep by increasing blood flow and releasing trigger points. Much like foam rollers, acupressure helps with myofacial release and reduces muscle tension. And the more you use it the more effective it is. Just read some of the acupressure mat reviews and testimonials to see just how effective it’s been for our customers.

How long should I use an acupressure mat?

Once you get acclimated to the pressure, it’s best to use the acupressure mat for at least 15 minutes or more. It’s ok to use the Acuswedemat for long periods of time ‒ many people even fall asleep on it! For more suggestions about duration, view our page on how to use an acupressure mat.

Do you ship Acuswedemat to Canada?

Yes, we gladly ship the Acuswedemat to Canada! We just need to coordinate a few extra details for importing and tariffs. Use this Canada order form, or simply give us a call us at 303.993.2542 to place an order by phone.

Getting Started

For quick tips and acupressure mat positions, visit our page on how to use an acupressure mat.