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Jordan & Coordinate: Journey to the RRP Makeover

Jordan Pruiksma is an impressive young trainer, with a variety of equine experiences from Racing to Polo, and a great love for OTTBs. You can feel the love and respect she has for these amazing horses – and for all those she has learned from - in her blog posts here:...

RRP Creates 2nd Careers for OTTBs

At Acuswede, we are committed to keeping horses happy and healthy through natural, drug-free methods such as acupressure. Sponsorship is a great way for us to partner with like-minded organizations to help as many horses as possible have long, healthy and productive...

Thermography Study

Thermography study The Thermography study shows fantastic results! The Accuhorsemat blanket has been highly appreciated by many riders who have felt and recognized many positive effects on their horses after using Accuhorsemat. However these effects have always been...


Big Time Benefits of an Acupressure Mat

What Are the Real Benefits of an Acupressure Mat? We know you’re busy. So if you can expedite some part of your life, whether that be the dishes, the school drop-off, better sleep or muscle recovery, wouldn’t you be into it? Acupressure mats can do that. That’s why...

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