Acuswede is honored to work with world-renowned riders and trainers, and especially with Natural Horsemanship experts Pat and Linda Parelli. We’ve had the opportunity to participate in events at the Parelli Centers in Colorado and in Florida, and witness the Parelli System first hand. Their natural horsemanship abilities, classes, and education resources are truly one of kind.  It is important to us partner with organizations that share our values to promote health and quality of life for both the horse and riders!

Linda Parelli has been using the Accuhorsemat and Acuswedemat for the last year and we recently got feedback directly from Linda on how the Acuswede products are making a difference.  She shared what the Accuhorsemat does for horses, what she has experienced personally, and the value to her many students who are using the Acuswedemat.  Here is somde direct feedback from Linda: 

This mat is amazing! Accupressure, circulation and myofacialrelease…How can something so simple do so much? I use it all the time – it’s become an important part of both my personal health and my horse health programs.

The results from my students tell the real story: “My back pain has gone… Headaches are gone… I have energy again… My muscle ache is gone… My knee pain has gone… My sciatica issues disappeared… No more nerve pain in my feet…”

If it does all this for people, just imagine what it’s going to do for your horse! I’m a believer!

Thanks Linda for your endorsement and we’re happy our products have become such a beneficial part of your program and your everyday life!