At Acuswede, we are committed to keeping horses happy and healthy through natural, drug-free methods such as acupressure. Sponsorship is a great way for us to partner with like-minded organizations to help as many horses as possible have long, healthy and productive careers. One organization that we are proud to be affiliated with is the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP). RRP’s focus is on increasing demand for Thoroughbreds and building second careers for OTTBs. They’ve developed a community of trainers, farms, and organizations who work to transition these horses to second careers, and they provide education and awareness about what it takes to make the transition successful. It’s a visionary and sustainable model, supporting the growth of small businesses (trainers, farms, etc) needed to transition the OTTBs, and ultimately creating another chance for these amazing horses. Check out how you can become a member and other ways to support RRP here:

RRP has created the fun and educational “Thoroughbred Makeover” event, a competition that features hundreds of Thoroughbred horses transitioning from a career in racing to one of ten disciplines. The 2016 Makeover is the last weekend of October at the KY Horse Park in Lexington – it’s a great opportunity to see these amazing horses demonstrate new skills and meet and learn from the experts. As a sponsor, we’ll be there, providing free Accuhorsemat treatments for interested OTTBs. It’s a fun and educational event, and a gorgeous time of year in KY! Go here for more info:

We have several trainers using the Accuhorsemat as part of their OTTB’s transition to their next career. One trainer is Jordan Pruiksma who came in second overall in dressage at last year’s Makeover with her OTTB, Fullback. We’ll share more about Jordan in our next blog, and her journey to the 2016 Makeover with her new OTTB, Coordinate.