Accuhorsemat Deluxe Kit


The Deluxe Accuhorsemat kit comes with TWO blankets–one Original and one Cooler– so your horses can get their Accuhorsemat treatments in any climate! Plus includes one hindquarter acupressure mat, two shoulder acupressure mats and a carrying case.

You SAVE 25% on the second blanket when you buy a Deluxe Accuhorsemat kit.

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Deluxe Accuhorsemat® kits contain everything you need to reduce muscle tension and soreness, alleviate pain, and accelerate recovery after exercise: a hindquarter acupressure mat, 2 shoulder acupressure mats, and 2 blankets to use in any climate! Wearing the Accuhorsemat for as little as 15 minutes increases circulation and relaxes restrictions in connective tissue to facilitate smooth movement, prevent injury, and promote healing. Carrying case included.

SMALL: Fits horses up to 14 hands, 63”-69” blanket size (Small size is only available in the Accuhorsemat Cooler blanket)
MEDIUM: Fits horses 14 – 15.3 hands,  72″ – 78″ blanket size
LARGE: Fits horses 16 hands and up, 81″ and up blanket size

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 5 in
Cooler Blanket Size

Small, Medium, Large

Orginal Blanket Size

Medium, Large


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